Wherever you are, here is the place you need to be.

The Unique Touch of Balinese Culture

A mixture of Bali Hospitality with healthy food, professional massages, yoga, Mindfulness Studio and Pilates in individual tourism and accommodation methods.

We are here to free you from the chaos and to be renewed and connect with your highest self. We do this with our unique individual service concept.

Massage Treatments

Our guests can have all our treatments in green nature or in our studios.


A clean mind can stay in the moment, and our facility is fully designed and equipped just for you to reach the highest level.

Wellness & SPA

Rest your mind and body in a calm atmosphere and get a great spa experience with our professional staff.

Group Retreats in Secret Nature

Join the group retreats whether with your friends, family or solo. Regenerate your mind and body. We choose our locations in nature and rural beauties. Let the nature can be a part of this experience. 


Our Mission

We are here to free you from the chaos and the toxins of the world, to be renewed and connect with your highest self. Reach the ultimate satisfaction with the ultimate treatment in ZEN Concept.

Our mission is to provide the healthiest environment and treatment for our guests to help them reach their own ZEN.

Our True Passion

Our Staff & Team

To make sure you reach the ultimate satisfaction, our BALINESE staff will be at your service 7/24 just you get the 5 star hotel treatment which you deserve.